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Dietary Supplement
8oz. - 27ppm

Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Micronic Silver's Dietary Supplement! Our supplement is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients, including Micronic Silver, to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best. From boosting your immune system to supporting healthy digestion, Micronic Silver's Dietary Supplement has got you covered.

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Topical Spray
8oz. - 50ppm

 Topical Healing is a game-changer when it comes to healing and rejuvenating your skin. Made with the power of Micronic Silver, it is an all-natural and effective way to address a variety of skin problems such as rashes, sunburns, and irritations.

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Oleazone Salve
1oz. Jar

Oleazone salve: natural hydrogel with Ozone soothes skin issues. Relieves itching, scratching, discomforts. Benefits: sunburns, cuts, bug bites, bee stings, burns, joint pain, arthritis, neuropathy, rashes, bed sores, wound care. Reduces swelling, inflammation, pain; aids healing, minimizes scarring, stimulates skin growth. Cleanses, sterilizes epidermis; antioxidant, releases lactic acid, toxins. Ingredients: Olea Europea Oil, Ozone. One ounce per jar.

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Silvizone Skin Cream
2oz. Jar

Our Silvizone skin cream combines the extraordinary powers of our Micronic Silver with our Oleazone salve put into a Fractionated coconut oil base with sunflower lecithin for incredible results.
Our Silvizone skin cream penetrates into the lower level of skin to hydrate from the subcutaneous level of the skin then hydrates up into the upper layers of skin throughout the day. Silvizone also helps to reduce inflammation which increases circulation and reduces pain.  It works great to be used for younger looking skin.

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Nasal Spray

Our Nasal Spray Contains our Micronic Silver 27ppm formula that is designed to be sprayed into the nose to help your immune system fight off infections from viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Can be used during flair ups from allergies & colds and as a preventative agent.

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Fractionated Coconut Oil

We recommend this product as a carrier oil to help penetrate into the skin for soft tissue injury. Just apply over our Oleazone salve on the sore area to relieve pain & inflamation.

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